Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bucket list

Having just turned 52, I've given some thought to some things I'd like to have on my bucket list. Here's a start.

1. Go to Switzerland and Germany for a few weeks, to visit the places my ancestors came from.

2. Take my wife to Ireland, stay in family farms, spend a few hours in a good Irish pub, just soak it all in.

3. Ride in a hot air balloon with my wife on a beautiful fall day.

4. Fly an airplane.
5. Scuba dive, preferably in one of those incredible coral locations with crystal-clear water and schools of tropical fish. No sharks, of course.
6. See Oklahoma vote Democratic again. See Oklahoma have reasons to vote Democratic again.
7. See my TKE chapters in good quality housing like I enjoyed at the University of Washington. No more dumps, no more fire traps, no more Animal Houses.
8. Be able to take light rail to work instead of driving a car.
9. Walk among the redwoods in California.
10. Landscape my backyard. Better yet, move to an acreage and do whatever I want on it.
11. Sail Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands again.

12. Pet a live lion or tiger.
13. Have dinner with any of the following: A. Jimmy Carter, B. Barack Obama, C. Bill Clinton, D. Nelson Mandela, or E. Dan Johnson.
14. Leave a legacy.

How many items should be on a bucket list?

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